We use art to negotiate urban culture, participation and planning in Berlin.

In order to enable young people to develop their personality and creative potential, the right framework conditions are needed. The Cultural Education department shapes, promotes and networks lively cultural education work in the Mitte district and enables children and young people to actively participate in the cultural and artistic life of society, to help shape it and to take on responsibility. The aim is to make it easier for our young people to enter the diverse world of culture as early as possible and to develop the creative potential of their personalities. Different artistic disciplines are offered here, linked in an inclusive way and old boundaries between ages, origins, between nursery, school and extracurricular places of learning are overcome.


Judith Laub
(030) 9018 33409

Cleo Wächter
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Julius Kaftan
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Bezirksamt Mitte
Fachbereich Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte
Sachgebiet Stadtkultur und Kunst im Stadtraum
Mathilde-Jacob-Platz 1
10551 Berlin